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Temple Information and Schedule of Events (3 of 3)

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29 Maagh, 13 February, Monday, Sankraanti (End of month)

2 Falgun, 15 February, Friday, Shukla Nabami (9th lunar day)

8 Falgun, 21 February, Thursday, Maaghi Purnimaa (Full Moon)
Sri Ramkrishna Naam Sankirtan (Chanting) will be held for twenty-four hours at the Natmandir.

19 Falgun, 3 March, Monday, Krishna Ekadashi (11th lunar day)

22 Falgun, 6 March, Thursday, Krishna Chaturdashi (14th lunar day) Sivaratri

30 Falgun, 14 March, Friday, Sankraanti (End of month

1 Chaitra, 15 March, Saturday, Shuklaa Nabami (9th  lunar day)

7 Chaitra, 21 March, Friday, Dol Purnima (Full Moon)

19 Chaitra, 2 April, Wednesday, Krishna Ekadashi (11th lunar day)

29 Chaitra, 12 April, Saturday, Basanti Saptami (7th lunar day)

30 Chaitra, 13 April, Sunday, Basanti Ashtami (8th lunar day)

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