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The Divine Mother (4 of 4)

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Devotion to the Divine Mother

Devotees know that the Divine Mother, whether worshipped as Durga, Parvati, Kali, or Adya Ma, represents the divine spark of creation as well as the nurturing of a mother. She embodies the inseparable harsh and benign aspects of the Divine. Adya Ma told Annada Thakur, "It is my wish to be worshipped in the home of every devotee. . . . If anyone pays homage and gives offerings to me in the simple and sincere language of the heart, such as 'O My Mother! Take this food, wear this garment,' and then uses those things himself, it will be regarded as good an act as worship. The prayer of a simple and sincere heart constitutes my worship." Furthermore, She promised, "I shall reveal myself in any image you may invoke me in with devotion."

Devotees sing Her song, the Adyastotram, and offer Her flowers, rice, sweets, incense, clothing, or sandal paste, as well as their sincere devotion and childlike love.

Source for mythological and symbolic information on Kali:
Harding, Elizabeth U. Kali: The Black Goddess of Dakshineswar.
York Beach, ME: Nicolas-Hays, Inc., 1993.

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