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Pranam Mantra (3 of 3)

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Om namoh brhamana debaya go brhamana hitayacha
Aum, Salutations to the lord of the brahmins, the wellwisher of all

Jagatdhitaya Krishnaya Govindaya Namo namoh
Benefactor of all the earth, Krishna, Govinda, Salutations.

Namaste jaladabhasha. Namaste jalashayine
Salutations to the Lord emerging from the primal waters,
He who floats on the great waters

Namaste Keshabananda, Basudeva namostute.
Salutations to Keshaba, Salutations to Basudeva.

He Krishna karunasindho dinabandhu jagatpate
Oh Krishna, ocean of mercy, friend of the fallen, Lord of the universe

Gopesha Gopika kanta Radhakanta namohstute.
The lord and loved of the Gopis, Radha's love, Salutations.

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