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Sri Ramakrishna, the most revered saint in Bengal, had the astounding distinction of being declared an incarnation of God during his lifetime by many of the prominent scholars of his day.

Born in the Bengali farming village of Kamarpukur in 1836 (where pilgrims gather to this day to honor him), Ramakrishna showed a unique mystical spirituality from an early age. As a small boy, he once fell to the ground paralyzed in ecstasy at the beauty of a flock of pure white cranes against the background of a dark, looming rain cloud.

Sri Ramakrishna
Sri Ramakrishna
Born a Brahmin, Ramakrishna was schooled in the Scriptures and, at his brother's behest, took a position as a priest of Kali in a newly constructed temple complex in the village of Dakshineswar, about four miles outside Calcutta, the same village where Adyapeath is located today.

Rising majestically on the banks of the sacred Ganges, the original Dakshineswar temple complex, today a popular pilgrimage site, encompasses extensive gardens, orchards, groves, and bathing ghats in addition to the temples and other buildings gathered in its now-famous courtyard. Rising to 100 feet in the center of the courtyard is the main temple, dedicated to Kali and flanked by twelve small Shiva temples, six on each side.

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