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The Story of the Adyapeath Temple (5 of 6)

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The Temple

Dream visitations from Sri Ramakrishna also continued. He offered Annada moksha, but Annada, confronted by a vision of thousands of his suffering fellow humans, responded, "I do not care for liberation. I would rather go through a hundred thousand hells doing good to others: This is my religion."

In 1919, Sri Ramakrishna revealed what Annada's life's work was to be: the establishment of a temple to the Divine Mother Adya Ma.

The temple was to be in reality three temples enveloping one another: the first to Sri Ramakrishna, the second to Adya Ma, and the third to Krishna and Radha. The altar was to be three altars built like large stairsteps: Ramakrishna on the bottom, Adya Ma in the middle, and Krishna and Radha on the top, encircled by the sacred syllable om. In conjunction with the temple, there were to be separate ashrams for men and women, boys' and girls' orphanages and schools, a free clinic to prevent the spread of contagious disease, and distribution of food and clothing to the poor.

At Sri Ramakrishna's behest, Annada Thakur spent a year with his parents in Raujan, in what is now Bangladesh, and then returned to Calcutta and carried out spiritual practices for a year on the bank of the Ganges. Then, on January 14, 1921, a celebration was held, which is still celebrated at the temple as Siddhotsab. The same year a committee was formed for the establishment of the Dakshineswar Ramakrishna Sangha.

In early 1927, the Sangha acquired a piece of land with some adjoining old Shiva temples, and on January 31, 1928, Annada Thakur broke ground for the temple on a compound of nearly 14 acres.

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