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Charitable Work of the Sangha (3 of 4)

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Distribution of Clothing:

Poor people, irrespective of caste, color, or creed, are given clothes free of charge on various occasions throughout the year.

Aid in Natural Calamities:

The Sangha comes to the aid of needy people in natural disasters such as famine, flood, and earthquake.

Atithi Seva (Feeding of Guests):

Sri Annada Thakur said, "A hungry guest should never be refused." Accordingly, every Atithi (guest) is served with food (Prasadam). Each day, 300 to 1000 such devotees are served.

Hospital Project:

A project has begun to build a well-equipped 100-bed hospital for patients with contagious and infectious diseases. The estimated cost is over five crore rupees ($1.4 million US). The foundation was laid by the acting chief minister of West Bengal. We are collecting donations at home and abroad to fulfill this commitment.

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